Brass Asp Bar

6201 Airport Rd, El Paso, TX
The best dive bar/cocktail lounge in El Paso! Brass Asp Bar is one of the best places to enjoy an upbeat night out with cheap beer and strong cocktails! It tends to get loud here, but it's perfect for groups who want to party! The service is friendly and welcoming, just liked you'd expect from local dive bar. They have low prices, happy hour specials, Juke box, and a dart board! They always have a great crowd of people!

Twinz Lounge

6203 Airport Rd, El Paso, TX
Located next to Brass Asp, Twinz Lounge is another dive bar that is a favorite among the locals. Stop in and enjoy cold beer, mixed drinks, shoot some pool, and maybe even sing a little Karaoke! This is the bar to hang out at if you're looking to have a good time in El Paso! You're likely already a regular here, but if not, we're sure this will become your home away from home after your first visit! Stop in any day of the week for great specials on drinks and shots!

Funkmeyers Rec Room

1506 N Lee Trevino Dr, Ste B1, El Paso, TX
Funkmeyers Rec Room is a bar and arcade on N Lee Trevino Dr in El Paso. What do we love about this place? Well, on top of being one of the best bars in the area, they have a full menu of food and are a complete arcade! We can't count he number of groups how hit up this El Paso hot spot during nights out. Plenty of beer, TVs, and games for your enjoyment! There's never a dull moment at Funkmeyers, so we strongly reccommend it for any group who wants to have fun!

Clasico Kitchen Bar

9615 Montana Ave, El Paso, TX
You can bet that Texas has it's fair share of Tex-Mex and Mexican restaurants, and one of the best is Clasico Kitchen Bar on Montana Ave. If you're in the mood from home made guacamole, hot tacos, huge burritos, and Margaritas like you've never had before, then you'll very much enjoy a visit to Clasico Kitchen Bar! Perfect for birthday dinner or just for drinks if you're craving something with Tequila! We can't say enough good things about this restaurant!

German Pub

9530 Viscount Blvd, Ste 2K, El Paso, TX
While it's easy to find authentic Mexican cuisine in Alfalfa, it's not quite as easy to find German food. Luckily, German Pub has you covered! Brats, beer, it's all here! German Pub is a little bit if Germany right in El Paso, and it's one of the highest rated bars in town. Prices can't be beat, either and on top of low prices, they have some amazing drink specials! Stop on in any day of the week for a beer and to watch the game! German Pub also has free Wi-Fi as well, casual setting, and a beautiful outdoor patio!